Living With Suicide Zine

There is not much space to talk about suicide in our society; not only are suicidal feelings stigmatised, but suicide attempts and life after an attempt rarely gets a voice. Living With Suicide is a beautiful collection of stories from survivors of suicide attempts and people living with suicidal thoughts/feelings across the world. It hopes to offer solace to those experiencing similar things, and offer insight into what it is like to live through an attempt or live with suicidal thoughts/feelings.

It is also just for those darker days when life feels overwhelming, and you need the reassurance you are not alone, and that many others are living through this human experience alongside you, too.

“Great little book – gold dust.” – Piers

“I had a shit day yesterday. I went to see my ex, we’re still clinging on, and ending up fighting all day, and I felt so vulnerable and exposed. I cried for hours, and I read your zine and it really really helped, so thank you. It made me want to write too.” – Zoe

You can purchase the zine here!

It is 60 pages of words, cartoons, illustrations, photography, and links to other resources.

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Would you like to contribute to our online blog? 

Have you survived a suicide attempt? Do you want to share your story of what life was/is like after your attempt?

Do you experience suicidal feelings or thoughts? Would you like to share what it is like to live with this?

We are gathering stories to begin an online blog for survivors of suicide attempts and people who live with, or have lived with, suicidality.

Stories can be submitted through any medium (illustrations, written, collage, audio), and we can also hold written, face-to-face, or Skype interviews if you would prefer that. Submissions can be anonymous or published under a pseudonym.

The project was founded in Bristol but it is open to anyone, anywhere.

If you are interested, or just want to get in touch, please email: