Post-Traumatic Stress Zine – Call Out For Submissions


Do you live with Post-Traumatic Stress from developmental trauma?

Would you like to share your story of what it is like to live with it?

Are there things that you want to say and explain to people about Post-Traumatic Stress, but haven’t had the chance?

Then this project is for you!


There are lots of conversations about Post-Traumatic Stress in our society, but there are not enough spaces for us to hear from the people who live/have lived with it. Rather than PTS from single event traumas, I want to focus this project on Post-Traumatic caused by developmental trauma. For me, walking this path has been (and continues to be) so lonely and confusing, that hearing from others who experience it, too, is medicine. Having a space to share to write or draw the things I find so difficult to explain in person to others around me, is also medicine and so incredibly healing. I hope that this project can be that for you, too.


Rather than the story of the trauma/s that left you living with Post-Traumatic Stress, I want to hear what it like for you to live with it, how it shows up in your every day, what you would like other people to understand about PTS…

To make it easier to know where to start, the zine will be broken down into subject areas below. You can submit to more than one subject area!

Taking Up Space: what helps you know you deserve to be here, as you?

Symptoms: what does PTS look like for you? How does it effect your everyday life? What are the symptoms that keep you up at night, that keep you refrained from feeling like “yourself”, that keep you tucked inside away from others, that are happening inside when from the outside you look totally okay, that keep you silent when actually there is a lot you want to say? What are the symptoms that you most want to tell other people about?

Silencing & Shame: do you feel shame? do you keep silent or do you find its easy to say what’s happening for you, or do you feel/do a bit of both?

Grief & Estrangement: what do you grieve about your life, because of your PTS

Beliefs & Patterns: what do you struggle with that’s “leftover” from the trauma you experienced? What patterns or belief now are present in your life that you see have come from those times?

Coping Strategies: what has kept you surviving, thriving, thriving, until now?

Stories can be submitted through any medium – illustrations, written (non-fiction, fiction, or poems), collage, photographs, linocut/woodcut, audio… I can also hold written, face-to-face, or Skype interviews if you would prefer that. Submissions can be anonymous or published under a pseudonym.

Self care: please only share what you feel comfortable sharing, and if you feel triggered during the making or writing of your submission, please take some time out for you and give yourself what you need in that moment.

If you are writing, please keep submissions to under 2000 words.


Submission deadline: 30th August

Once all stories have been compiled and the zine has been created, your story will be published in-print, in a zine similar to the Living With Suicide zine. All contributors will receive a free copy of the zine.


Please email any questions or submissions to:

The project is organised in Bristol but it is open to anyone, anywhere. If you are interested, or just want to get in touch and have any questions, please get in touch!